Standards Base Digital Critical Thinking

child-laptopTo be information literate is to be able to pull out the information from an article and to know if the source of the article is credible and reliable to use.

I believe that we can teach our students the essential skills to get information for literacy. like he article said. We need to teach them to read through articles and evaluate the articles. Also we can slowly teach the students the best skills to use such as using their resources, for example the voting pole on the articles and to look at it to see if the author is credible.  Another skill is to go with your gut instinct if you do not believe what the author is saying and it does not match any other source of information then rule the article out. In an article if the author says specific dates than they are more precise and accurate, this shows that the author is trust worthy to use. Lastly, we need to teach the students the four, author, currency, subject and balance.

I believe that the best way to prepare the students is by giving them the essential skills to find information in literacy and then have them go out and find information. I think that the best way to teach the students is by giving them the information then having them put it into practice because it will stick better in their brains to help them remember.

1.  In this reading there were somethings that I was already aware of such as the more charts and information in the article the more reliable the author is. The charts and visuals help the reader understand in a different lighting what the author is saying in the article and reading. I knew that a person should not over due their power point slides, but I did not know the 1-7-7 rule. Thinking about the rule, it makes sense to do it that way. I did not know that the presentation was as big of a deal as it is. In the article the author points out the difference between 2-D and 3-D and there is a big difference. They said that “less is more” works for this and saying that the 3-D makes the information look like accurate.  Also during the reading the author points out that a person should remove the logo from the first and last slide to help increase the trust between the people and for the presentation to look less like a commercial, but an honest conversation. I was not aware of the power pictures have over words. Pictures last longer to the audience, so by having the pictures there it will help get your point across better and for them to remember it longer.


2.  We can incorporate this in for our students by giving them a chance to learn the best ways to present. Also we as presenters want to get our point across to the audience in a clear manner and that they will understand and that will be interesting. The author of the article said to have pictures because it will stick in the students brains more that just straight texts which is very important. This skill is very important to learn not just for school, but for our jobs.

3. I believe that the power points that I make stand close to what this article is wanting people to do. I believe in my power points I have empty space and understand balance. I also have minimal bullets for the audience and not making them sentences.


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