Promoting Digital Citizens

What does copy right mean?
Copyrights write means a reader needs to have the authors permission to use their work in a project. The author would have to agree that the reader uses the information to help protect the right of the author of the article, song or movie.

What the four tests for fair use involves?
The purpose for the information such as noncommercial usage or nonprofit and the amount of characters that are appropriate to get the point across. Next the nature of the work copied, is it accurate, published for everyone, and the amount of factual knowledge compared to creativeness. Then, the amount that you use of their information. Lastly, the effectiveness of the copyright and the value.

Why the type of media involved matters?
There are many different types of media, so there needs to be different guidelines on them such as printing out worksheets. For example it is okay for the teacher to print out one copy for themselves and one per student, but past that it is considered to have copy rights. Another being, the video a teacher records has to be directly related to the lesson or needs to be rented.

How does Mr. Pane engage students in this lesson?

He has the students make a comic book character. Having the students do this will help them remember the information longer because they are putting their thoughts into the comic. It is a fun activity for them to do.

What kinds of digital dilemmas do the superheros resolve?

Two dilemmas the students came up with was not to gossip online and to not put personal information online.

How might you use gallery walks in your own classroom?

The gallery walk helps the students see other peoples work and interact with each other telling them what they did good and what they could work on. Also it gives students ideas that they hadn’t thought about and makes them feel good that their work matters.



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