Teaching with Web 2.o & Social Media


1. One site I looked at was Webtool4u2use, this site is used to help teachers “find the right tool” for using the internet. It is a very helpful tool that shows many different charts and pictures for teachers to look at.

2.  This website will help the teacher work with the students to become digital citizens by ways to help communicate to each other over the computer. Another it to help engage in professional leadership because this site has many other helpful tool for teachers to use and communicate.

3. Before using a site we need to know the author and make a judgement call to see if we think this is a reasonable source to use. As well we need to see the time it was published to see if the website is frequently updated or if it was put up years ago. I think site is credible by “TES: The largest network of teachers in the world” written at the bottom of the site and it being published in 2016

4.  Some strengths this webtool4u2use has a really good job about siting other websites when photos are put up for the readers to be able to go look at them. Also all the information is related to each other under the umbrella of teaching, but sit has a branch of different information that could help a teacher. There are different types of information on this website for example charts, diagrams and videos.

5. A limitation is that not much of the information could be used for elementary students unless there is a teacher teaching technology because there is information talking about how to communicate with students.

6. I believe this site is for student teachers as in high schoolers or college adults because this information is about how students learn and ways to help them. But the information could be used in middle school to college level.


1 Another website I looked at was instagrok. This website is very helpful for a student or a teacher to look up information and just a first step on brain storming about that topic.

2.  I believe that with the NETs standards this would help facilitate and inspire students learning because they have a way to find information about their topics in a fun independent way. Also this would help the students become better digital citizens.

3. Before using this site a student or teacher should have an idea of what they want to write about because this website will brainstorm ideas on that specific topic.

4.  This website is a very good website for teachers and students to use if they have to write a paper and need more ideas to talk about in that specific topics. Also with this website it gives you websites that will be helpful to look up. This website is very kid friendly and easy to use.

5.  A limitation this website has is not all the resources are dependable, so the writer would have to go through and make a judgement call if they believe the source is reliable or not.
6. I believe this website could be used with second graders and up. It is very simple and would be very beneficial to students that need ore ideas to write on their paper.

21st Century School Teachers

1. The last website I looked at was 21stcentueryschoolteacher, this website is very useful if a teacher or a parent needs websites or apps that could be helpful for the students or their child.

2.  21stcenturyschoolteacher promotes to NETs standards by engaging in professional leadership and communication because of the different communications with other teachers. Also it helps the students become a digital citizen because of all the apps and websites the teacher can teach the students.

3. A teacher or parent do not need to know anything coming into this website, but be open minded to all the information that the website gives you.

4. This website is a very helpful tool for every age group with giving app and websites that are educational for the students to play with. Also it is friendly to middle and above grades. With almost every app or website they put down there is a description of it for the teacher to look at before clicking on the website.

5.  This website is overwhelming with adds and scrambled information when first looked at.

6. I believe that this website is intended for any grade level of a teacher because it gives very useful websites and information that anyone could use in a classroom.


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